How do I get to the guesthouse?



To get to the guesthouse you have to use the old Adriatic Magistrale (coastal road).

If you are coming from Makarska, first what you will see is the sign to Brist. When you go further down that road, you will pass the road that is turning to the Centre, approximately after 200m and above the geometrical centre of Brist and a few metres from the bus stop, you can see (just behind the trees) the upper entrance to the guesthouse Villa Marta. To park your car, you must drive down the way and around to leave the car there.

If you go from Ploče, first go through Gradac and further to the sign Brist. After this, you follow the road almost to the bus stop on a carparking. On the opposite side of this towards the sea, a few meters back, you will see the upper entrance to the Villa Marta.



   White shining new building with balconies and with a large terrace at the bottom with entry to motorway.


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This was originally a Street View at the place of the pension, but Google part of this section of the mysterious reasons erased:


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