Instructions on how to avoid the motorway toll in Slovenia.




In Slovenia the motorway toll for a Vignette for 7days is 15EUR. In most cases, 7 days is not enough time and you will have to buy 2 Vignettes. This would cost you in total 30EUR. The distanse of crossing Slovenia is approximatly 60km and is not a long way, taking less than 1 hour drive. You will have to exit the Highway in Austria just before the border on exit number 226 to Gersdorf. After this, continue along the county road towards B69 Mureck.

At the end of the town Mureck, turn right and follow the arrows towards Slovenia. You will cross the border bridge over the river Muru and continue to the Austria-Slovenia border crossing Trate. Now that you are in Slovenia, turn right and continue along the road No. 433. Carefully follow the signs to Zagreb, Maribor, Sladki vrh, Šentilj and Lenart. You will arrive in the town of Lenart after about 20 kilometers of driving. Then follow the signs, continue on road No. 229 in the direction of Ptuj after about 25 km, turn left at Ptuj. Follow the signs to Ljubljana/Maribor. Once you arrive in Ptuj, go on the road of 229 to Zagreb. Then you turn to the left and cross the bridge over the River Dravu. After approximatly 2 km after overrunning the bridge, turn left. After approximatly 700M, turn left again after the Zagrebšske path direction Tržec (past the roundabout). Next, take the direction to Tržec (Zagreb). As soon as you arrive at Tržec, turn right, you will drive on E59 few minutes to the Croatian -Slovenian border.






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