Vacation at the Adriatic Sea.


Let us introduce to you a quiet and beautiful piece of paradise along the Adriatic Sea in Croatia.

A small picturesque village by the name of Brist, along the Makarska Riviera has a cultural tradition and some interesting historical monuments as well. This is all located beneath the Adriatic Highway and follows down to the pebble beaches along the sea. Here there are  the tourist shops and restaurants for your entire family's enjoyment.

One of the most beautiful sights, above the Adriatic Highway, is the towering giant of Mountain Biokovo. This croatian mountain towers at a height of 1700m looking over all of the town.

Staying along the Makarska Riviera in Brist, is a very suitable place for families with children, other larger groups of friends on holiday, or anyone just seeking a peaceful ocean environment in the middle of the Adriatic Sea.

Right near the beaches, in the place of accommodation (not far from the hotel - max 1 min. walk) between the village Brist and neighbouring the last town on the riviera - the town of Gradac. There you will be able to find some quiet deserted corners of beach where you only hear the chirp of cicadas and the splashing of waves against the sandy beaches. In this fabulous location, there is specific areas established for no clothing-which is always optional.

In this neighbouring town of Gradac, renowned for some of the most beautiful beaches on the Makarska Riviera, will have activites for everyone on your holiday. For whoever is a fan of water sports there is many activities to enjoy. Whether it's water skiing, parasailing, or scuba diving, there is many types of water fun for the whole family.

For those who would just like to spend your holiday enjoying nightlife in Gradac, a 15-minute brisk walk will lead you to a range of bars and discos with very reasonable prices.

Those who prefer a more active holiday, we also have much to offer when it comes to hiking and outdoor adventures.