BRIST - one of the most beautiful places on the Makarska Riviera.


           Brist on the Makarska Riviera in Croatia, stood previously right at the foot of the mountains. Now there remains only the historic Church of St. Margaret (XV. St.). The first records of this town date back to the year of 1751, but it is even older, as evidenced by a tombstone found from the Middle Ages. This tombstone still lays in an old village at the foot of the mountains and has been given the name of " The Turkish Tomb". The old village was previously abandoned at the end of XIX. st.

           Brist has 440 inhabitants now and is also the birthplace of the Croatian poet and folk educater O Andria Kačić Miošić. In the town there are several listed buildings from the XV. XVIII. st to explore.

        The wonderful beaches in Brist and its surroundings areas are typically filled with small soft pebbles. The beaches extend over the entire length of the coastline from Brist up to the town of Gradac. You can get there on a beautiful seaside promenade. You can find there quite places with fewer people, a silent deserted coves, and a beautiful naturist beach.

          In the high season-July and August-you can participate in several local celebrations of religious and cultural holidays. During these festival there is served grilled fish as well as red and white wine. You can participate in several local traditional contests and win exciting prizes.