Bored on the beach? You can do many other activities...


  • Those who do not mind getting up early and who enjoy some physical activity, will appreciate climbing the original donkey trail up the mountain to the top of the rock. The view from the top local rock is something we guarentee you will enjoy!
    Instructions for this trip can be asked for while your stay in the house.



  • You can go ride a bike or inline skating/roller blading along the seaside promenade.

  • On the hotel's terrace (150m2) you can practice aerobics, or other group sporting activities.

  • Tennis enthusiasts can rent a nearby tennis courts and go play a tennis game.

  • Those who are tired of swimming in the sea and roasting in the sun, are able to take a trip to the River Cetina and try water rafting and possibly stay for the evening bbq party.



  • Or get pulled by boat during water parachute...


  • You can ride a scooter ...